Of the few descendents of the survivors who had collected themselves from the onslaught of Kimald, there were three men whom stood out. Those three men are JKD, Ixon Fier, and Fingolfin.

From the nature of their characters, they knew to survive, they must band together. Though their diversity separated them, it drew them closer than ever. Their philosophies have been boiled down into a single statement, which is the guild motto. "In times of peril, those that do not heed the warnings and react, are those that perish."

The guild's purpose is to make sure that the land does not fall from the same evil that brought Kimald to rubble.

The rest, is history...


The Remnants of Kimald are a Guild of players from the text-based on-line roleplaying game called The Dark Grimoire. Spread about the physical world, we work together in the online fantasy world to progress the story, and to basically have a bit of escapism.


The Remnants of Kimald is a Guild of players in the online roleplaying game, The Dark Grimoire.
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