Rules for applying to the Remnants of Kimald

Before Applying

A/ The RoK recruitment system works through invites. This means you must be officially invited before applying on our boards. Applying on our forum without invitation will not be a good move, since we believe the least a person can do before applying is read the “rules for applying”.

B/ A person who is interested in joining the Remnants of Kimald may let their interest be known by contacting one of the RoK Officers, but any member of RoK would be glad to pass on your request where this is not possible in game. While this is no sure way of getting an invitation, it is a good first step.

C/ One must be at least level 12 before one will be viable to receive an invitation. However this does not mean you can not start making efforts to get to know RoK members at an earlier time.
Additional characters (alts) that you wish to bring in RoK after you've been accepted must be at least level 10.

D/ There is no ‘sure way’ to get you invited. However, if you wish to increase your chances of getting an invitation, there are a couple things you can do: make an effort in your RP; get to know as many RoKers as you can (without being annoying/harassing); be active in-game; and especially: be patient. We take our time before deciding to invite someone.

E/ Receiving an official invitation means you are welcome to post an application on our forums. An invitation does not mean you will be automaticly accepted.

The Application

1/ For applying, first register on our forum (if you have not yet done so)

2/ Create a new topic and fill out your application. Your application must contain:
o / 2.1 / A motivation why you wish to join The Remnants of Kimald.
o / 2.2 / Screenshots of the “inventory” screen of your (main) character(s)
o / 2.3 / A brief background of your character(s)
o / 2.4 / Screenshots of the “characters” screen of all your accounts(from 'Name Level World', to 'Click here for the EULA and current premium rates')
You are required to disclose the names and character numbers of all your alts (on all your accounts) on your application to prevent identity surprises at a later date (after the vote considering your application). Once your application process has been handled, you can still create as many alts/accounts as you wish without having to disclose them. The reasoning behind this last entry is that we believe not just the character, but also the player should join the Remnants of Kimald. As with any group of human beings, there are sometimes conflicts between players. Sometimes, these conflicts will then fall upon Guild lines because naturally friends will stick up for friends. A player with characters in multiple guilds may feel uncomfortable and torn between guilds. To hopefully prevent that, our policy has traditionally been that upon joining the RoK, you are only allowed to have unguilded alts outside of RoK. While this is our preferable situation, we have made exceptions for some players who wish to maintain characters in other guilds. If you fall into this category, please be sure to explain in your application why you want to maintain multiple characters in multiple guilds. We would also prefer that if you create any future alts, that you inform us if you plan to join that alt to another guild so we could discuss why you'd like to and why you'd also like to keep your RoK status.
If you are uncomfortable with putting all your alts/accounts in a public place you may contact an officer about this and your application will be handled on a part of the forum that is not visible by all.

3/ After submitting your application there will be a wait of up to 7 days before we reach our decision. In that time, you will be given some more access to the forum (if you register under your main character name). You can also use this time to get to know the guild members better while we decide on your application.

4/ Upon our decision you will be accepted or rejected. If you are accepted, you will be granted access to the Guild Member exclusive areas and gain all of the perks and responsiblities of the guild. If you are rejected, please do not be offended. We will offer you some feedback as to your decision process and if you were willing to make some adjustments and reapply in the future, you would be given a fresh opportunity.

The Remnants of Kimald is a Guild of players in the online roleplaying game, The Dark Grimoire.
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Last updated 8th April 2005.